Our Products

Our Products

We propagate our own trees, shrubs and perennials that are suitable for our northern region. That includes grafting our own fruit, flowering crabs, and a host more of deciduous trees and shrubs.








Our Conditional Retail Warranty

Should the death of a plant occur within one year of purchase, Arrowhead Nurseries will provide a store credit of 50% of the value of the plant at the time of purchase to be used on new product. (This does not include any cost of transport/installation). Cedars are only subject to warranty for 90 days. For warranty claims, we offer store credit; we will not provide cash refunds.

To Receive Warranty

• Claims must be within 1 year of purchase
• Bill of Sale must be present for proof of purchase
• Plants must have been properly cared for
• Deceased plant must be brought in (Please call about a suspected deceased plant before digging it up. It very well could still be alive! The plant could just be experiencing a simple problem that is easy to fix. Our staff will be happy to give advice to help a plant.)
Warranty Exclusions
Items sold at a discounted price will have no warranty (E.g. Bulk, Sale, and Commercial Pricing).

Conditions Where Warranty is Void

• Item is damaged mechanically
• Item is damaged by animals
• Third party damage
• If the plant has ground covering such as rocks, mulch, or fabric within 3 feet from the base of the plant
• If the plant is put within 6 feet of a downspout or other drainage site.


Sales are final. Arrowhead Nurseries will not provide cash returns but will provide exchanges. Exchanges are only accepted conditionally within two days of original purchase.
• Product must be returned in the same condition as it was sold (Up to staff discretion).
• Product must not have been taken out of the pot or planted.
• Products in burlap bags or wire baskets are not subject to returns or exchanges.